C.D. Hylton HS map
14051 Spriggs Road
Woodbridge, VA 22193
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Oxford Boathouse map * park layout
12380 Cotton Mill Drive
Woodbridge, VA 22192
Boathouse (for emergencies only):


Sandy Run Boathouse
map * park layout
10260 Van Thompson Rd
Springfield, Virginia
(703) 690-4392

Oxford Boathouse 
This is located within Lake Ridge Park at the bottom of the hill. This is where Prince William Schools store their boats and is where Hylton crew members go to pick up their boats for practices & races. It is very tempting to park or drop your student off at the bottom of the hill but this is against park policy. Student parking and drop off is only allowed on the upper level parking lot next to the golf course. To avoid parking tickets, please abide by this rule. 

Sandy Run Regional Park 
This is where the races take place. There are three key locations within this park that are important to rowers, Sandy Run Boathouse, Sandy Run Grandstand and Sandy Run Point. At the Sandy Run Boathouse is where all VASRA volunteers check in for their assigned position. The Sandy Run Grandstand is where the grandstand is located and the races occur. Since there is no state road to this site, walking is the most common method to reach Sandy Run Grandstand. You should be warned that this is no short or level walk and on race days, a shuttle is offered for a nominal fee. Sandy Run Point is where non Fairfax County schools stage their crew and boats. On race days this shady spit of land is covered with tents sheltering crew members. Parents are welcome to sit near the crew but all food and shelter on the point is reserved for students and coaches.