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Crew Rules

Administrative Information


This page is intended to provide students and parents with administrative information that will be useful throughout the school year. It is here that one will find forms, newsletters, rules and other information pertaining to the crew experience.


Since crew deals with water and young adults of varying degrees of experience, every effort is made to ensure their safety. The coaches, through instruction, help obtain this goal. Another measures used to attain this goal is through the use of conduct rules, instituted by Hylton Crew and the Oxford boathouse. As you will notice below, the conduct rules are for students and parents.

Hylton Crew Rules

General Guidance

  1. All Hylton High School students and parents who participate in Hylton Crew Team activities acknowledge that they are representing Hylton High School.

  2. Any inappropriate conduct of an individual rower or group of rowers will be dealt with at the coaches’ discretion.

  3. Any removal from the team for inappropriate conduct forfeits the rights for any refunds.

Students are expected to:

  1. Adhere to the Prince William Public Schools Code of Behavior at all times during formal and informal Crew Team activities.

  2. Dress, act and speak as mature individuals and representatives of their school.

  3. Treat all teammates, opponents, coaches, officials, parents and volunteers with respect.

  4. Inform coaches and/or the Booster's Board of any problems in a timely manner.

  5. Participate fully in all activities and aspects of training, racing, and team-building.

  6. Actively participate in fundraising activities.

  7. Notify coaches of any known practice and regatta absences ahead of time.

  8. Travel safely to and arrive in time for all practices, meetings, regattas and other scheduled events.

  9. Take prudent measures to safeguard your person and your property. (Label your stuff!)

  10. Comply with VHSL and Crew program eligibility rules, including maintaining passing grades to participate.

  11. Stay informed through use of the team yahoo group and web site.

  12. Park, be dropped off and be picked up only in the upper lot at Lake Ridge Park and walk on the path, not the road, to/from the boathouse for practices and regattas.

Parents are expected to:

  1. Treat all students, opponents, coaches, officials, parents and volunteers with respect.

  2. Support the coaching staff, the team and the Crew Boosters by ensuring that your child meets the Student’s Expectations listed above.

  3. Pick up rowers on time from practices and regattas.

  4. Stay informed through use of the team yahoo group and web site.

  5. Ask questions if you don't understand something.

  6. Inform coaches and/or the Booster's Board of any problems in a timely manner.

  7. Be supportive of the team by supporting coaching decisions.

  8. Actively participate in fundraising activities.

  9. Complete and submit all required forms and payments by the deadlines given.

  10. Park only in the upper lot at Lake Ridge Park and walk on the path, not the road, to/from the boathouse for observation of practices and volunteer participation in regattas.

Oxford Boathouse Rules

  1. The same Code of Conduct for Prince William County schools will be required of all rowers, along with the rules listed below specific to rowing at Lake Ridge Park. Please read and sign the bottom of this form stating you understand and will abide by these rules. The purpose of these rules is to ensure the safety and enjoyment of rowers and all other park visitors.

  2. Rowers are to be dropped off and picked up in the upper parking lot. Parents MAY NOT drop off or pick up rowers at the boathouse parking lot. (Exception-- rowers may be picked up in the lower lot if there is thunder/lightning in the area. Rain without lightning is not an excuse to pick up rowers in the lower lot.)

  3. Rowers must walk down the crew path by following the sign in the upper parking lot. If rowers walk alongside the road, they must walk in single file and stay to the side and off the hardened road surface wherever possible.

  4. All drivers in the park must adhere to the 25 MPH speed limit. Park rangers do have the authority to issue citations and ban individual drivers from the park if there is a violation.

  5. Foul language will not be tolerated by anyone in the park. Remember this is a public park and there are young children around. Foul language will get you disqualified at Regettas.

  6. Trash is to be deposited in one of the many trash cans located at the boathouse and throughout the park.

  7. Parents are expected to pick up rowers promptly after the end of practice. Rowers will not be permitted in the park unsupervised.

While at the Boathouse

  1. Do not touch, move, or handle anything until told.

  2. Rowers must carefully follow the instructions of the coaches and coxswains, both to protect themselves and to safeguard the equipment.

  3. We are using boats and other equipment that belong to the various high schools. New boats cost more than $10,000, and new oars are more than $250 each. The rower will be responsible for replacing/repairing equipment that is broken because of failure to follow instructions.

  4. No swimsuits or jewelry are allowed. They can be a safety risk.

  5. No swimming is allowed in the Occoquan.

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